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Nursing based on Science - Science based on Nursing

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Max Rubner Prize sponsored by the Charité Foundation

The Max Rubner Prize is a funding programme of the Charité Foundation that provides start-up funding for innovative ideas at the Charité that are aimed in particular at the development of new services, products and initiatives.

Among others, Prof. Dr. Jan Kottner and PD Dr. Antje Tannen received the prize in 2022 for the Institute for Clinical Nursing Science for the project "Nursing based on Science - Science based on Nursing - A platform for scientific exchange in nursing" (



Project description

The aim of this project is to link nursing practice and nursing science more closely. An internal Charité interactive information and communication platform will be created, which will initially convey a common understanding of evidence-based nursing and provide the necessary know-how (e.g., through explanatory videos, glossaries, continuing education offerings).

On this platform, nurses working clinically at the Charité are supposed to formulate research needs at any time, e.g. clinical questions, missing decision bases, or uncertainties in the application of diagnostic measures. These questions are to be continuously collected and classified into a practice-oriented research agenda. This agenda is then used to assign topics for bachelor, master and doctoral theses, project initiatives up to research proposals.

At the same time, all results from qualification theses (BA, MA, PhD) and research or development projects that were accompanied or for which the Institute of Clinical Nursing Science was responsible are made available on this platform. For better usability, the results are additionally prepared by experienced nursing scientists in a user-friendly way (abstracts and comments).

In the following video (from minute 4:36), PD Dr. Tannen and Prof. Dr. Kottner describe the project once again in person.